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Dr. Alessandro Mastrogiacomo

Biologo Nutrizionista

  |  Esperienza: 11 anni
Dottore in biologia
pin Gaeta (Lt), Roma (Rm)
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Monte Cristo Gaeta, Via Montecristo, Gaeta, LT, Italia
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  Avendo un background da ricercatore non mi accontento di applicare una metodica standard nell'approccio con il cliente ma cerco di capirne il background, le abitudini e i risvolti psicologici per riuscire a personalizzare la terapia al fine di ottenere il risultato migliore.

Nutrizionista e Neurobiologo. Ho approfondito aspetti riguardanti il digiuno breve o intermittente e aspetti patofisiologici relativi al microbiota al bilancio lipidico e stress ossidativo. Come Neurobiologo sono interessato alla psicobiotica e disturbi del comportamento alimentare.
I am a professional nutritionist and neurobiologist with a strong background in research. I have good analytical skills and a keen interest to understand how things work. I currently work as an independent consultant and practitioner in human nutrition, including particular psychophysical and pathological conditions, but I am also interested in difficult socio-cultural contexts including developing countries.

During my scientific career I have developed strong technical skills and extensive bench-work experience in biochemistry and molecular biology. I have abundant knowledge of protein purification and characterization, molecular cloning, production of recombinant constructs and antibody production.
My professional life has also included studies in the pharmaceutical and medical fields either related to the use of drugs on human beings (clinical research) or to the characterization of antigenic targets in autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory processes (diagnostics).

In addition to my scientific background, I have also acquired knowledge and hands-on experience in business administration, human resources, logistics, budget management, financial planning, risk assessment and organizational governance during my tenure as CEO.

Collectively, these work experiences have required that I become adept at understanding and implementing strategy, coordinating projects, identifying resources for problem resolution, managing relationships as well as developing the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

I have extensive knowledge of major computer programs, dedicated applications and web design.

I have published papers in international scientific journals listed here:
http://scholar. google. com/citations?user=TMr6P4wAAAAJ&hl=en
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